What we are about 

The Future •  

It has been clear for some time that things seem to be getting harder and harder for independent hair salon owners. We believe something drastic has to change to tip the balance of scale back into the independent salon owners favour. We believe the PENNEYS franchise is exactly that, giving you advantages your competitors simply do not have.

The best place to work •  

The structure of PENNEYS means that from day one you can offer team members a career path that ordinarily you wouldn't be able to. This gives you the inside track on your competitors when it comes to recruitment. Our business model has already attracted some hairdressers to our group with very impressive CVs. Bucking the hairdressing trend of struggling to recruit.

The best place for a hairdressing service •  

Our very high standards in customer service has already been recognised by industry awards. Our very high standards in training means our teams can deliver a great hairdressing experience which in turn means we can quickly establish your salon as a place of very high levels of customer service.

The best business to invest in 

Being part of PENNEYS opens up other business opportunities for you that re exclusive to people working within our brand. We offer joint venture business opportunities alongside property investment options. Being part of PENNEYS is truly a great business opportunity.