Recommend a Friend 


Recommending us to your friend is the best complement you can pay us. For each person you recommend to the PENNEYS franchise that open a salon business with us we will give you 1 whole year of Franchise services free of your franchise fee.

 How it works 

It's very simple. Simply speak to your friend and tell them what you know about us. Let them explore this website, download the information pack maybe even visit our salons website. The next step for them would be to book a discovery meeting with us. By completing the form on the "Book your meeting" page.


A Franchise supported by Tracey Devine Smith

Multi award winning and British Fellowship Hall of Famer Tracey Devine Smith is our Art Director. Tracey endorses and recommends PENNEYS franchises.


Tracey says “A PENNEYS franchise is an easy and hassle free way to run your own business. Enjoy favourable rates on products and services through our  buying power and make the most of our outstanding training on all aspects of running a hairdressing business. PENNEYS is an outstanding model combining all the benefits of a group with the freedom of your own business. We offer business opportunities not available outside of our proven business model.”

 Get one year Franchise Fee FREE 

Sign a 10 year agreement with PENNEYS on your new PENNEYS franchise and get year 11 completely free of any franchise fees



Lock out your competition. Each franchise gets exclusivity for the first part of there post code. So you can lock out any competitors from joining PENNEYS. But hurry as they can do the same to you!